Dutch brand Okki Nokki produces the RCM which is now being imported to the UK by County Durham-based Hifi distributor Decent Audio.

The Okki Nokki RCM record cleaning machine is £435, it was originally conceived around 15 years ago by Dutch designer Johan Bezem, its design and construction have steadily and deliberately evolved over time.

It is compact and has many features including a quiet-running vacuum motor, the ability to spin in both directions and a float mechanism that stops it operating when the fluid needs to be drained, so there’s no risk of fluid getting into the motor. It comes complete with its own concentrated cleaning fluid and a goat-hair brush. Operation is via two switches: one for forward/reverse and the other for suction. It also has a precision-milled aluminium clamp to hold records securely in-place during cleanings. Available in black or white finish.





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