Orbitsound is a British company of audio engineers, founded by Ted Fletcher in 2009. Their Airsound technology is the culmination of his 60 year career in audio and they say it is “a way to reproduce true stereo from a single loudspeaker box”.

Thave launched their latest speaker, the ONE P70w. The new all-in-one speaker has been created with Orbitsound’s unique Airsound technology. Available in three distinct colours (black, white and bamboo) this newest member of Orbitsound’s collection boasts an integrated subwoofer and WiFi connection, and will be available from October 11th across the UK at £399.99.

The latest addition to their collection, the ONE P70w, incorporates “innovative design with user-friendly features, great sound and affordability”. The speaker system works with another ONE P70w and will sync with all future Orbitsound smart speakers. In addition to this, it gives the consumer the ability to control every room with one app that brings together your music services such as Spotify, TIDAL, TuneIn and Apple Music. Available to download for iOS and Android™. Users also have the ability to play their own stored music from inside the app.

The P70w is the joining of our new WiFi platform to Airsound technology and the start of something very exciting; the reality of seamless spaces of high fidelity stereo. With the P70w and future products that use WiFi and Airsound, homes can be filled with a higher fidelity of audio, with a better experience for all listeners. The P70w also features some product updates, but key is its versatility, which is why we chose it to be our first WiFi product.” – Daniel Fletcher, Managing Director, Orbitsound.  





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