Orchard Audio has announced the launch of BOSC™, a hifi monoblock audio amplifier that uses the latest gallium nitride (GaN) semiconductor technology.

Leo Ayzenshtat at Orchard Audio has spent a lot of time researching a variety of designs in order to develop a small amplifier that is portable yet produces an impressive sound.

Made In The USA

The BOSC™ monoblock amplifier is designed and manufactured in the United States and is DC coupled for response down to 0 Hz, with no bass phase shift. It features ultra-low distortion and a high damping factor and, say Orchard,  BOSC™ works in a variety of spaces and consumes little electricity with an energy-efficient design.

In order to raise funds for development, a Kickstarter campaign has been started for the device. Contributors can pre-order the BOSC™ monoblocks at an early-bird price. MSPR per pair will be $1499. According to Leo, “I created this amplifier after realizing a huge need on the market for a quality device without the large size and price tag. The BOSC™ amplifier was developed utilizing advanced technologies and I can’t wait for users to experience the quality firsthand.”

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