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Origin Live Cartridge Enabler

The cartridge enabler is the least expensive upgrade in our range. Its purpose is simple: where cartridge meets vinyl, the signal produced needs to be protected from the interference at the join between your tonearm and your cartridge. The enabler acts almost like a sort of suspension on this join, smoothing jagged edges in your sound. Recommended by StereoNet, Hi-Fi World, and Hi-Fi Choice. Find out more in the link above ^

origin live audiophile christmas gift guide 2021

Origin Live Platter Mat

A simple upgrade can bring your music alive. This inexpensive, award-winning Turntable Platter Mat absorbs and transmits harmful resonance out of your records and protects the musical signal from vibration coming from your turntable. Recommended by What HiFi UK and Hi-Fi World, this bestselling upgrade has left countless customers satisfied. Find out more in the link above ^

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Origin Live Gravity One Record Weight

This turntable record weight makes a significant contribution to improving bass definition, weight and depth but it also enhances the mid-band and treble through better separation, transparency and decay of notes. This is where most other clamps cause degradation, but the Origin Live clamp excels. The Gravity One Record Weight comes recommended by Hi-Fi choice, Audiophile Man, and 10 Audio. Find out more in the link above ^

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Origin Live Silver Tonearm

The award-winning Silver Tonearm is a great all-rounder. Highly musical, it tracks dynamics accurately and gets right into the groove of the music. You will expect to hear improved speed, dynamics and separation in your music. The Silver also includes a high-grade external cable which improves bass weight. It has a natural tonal balance with excellent transparency. Recommended by Stereo Times, Hi-Fi World, and StereoNet. Find out more in the link above ^

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Origin Live Discovery Ultra

90% of total voltage amplification takes place in your phono stage. Our newly launched Discovery Ultra Phono Stage uses innovative circuitry, high-grade components, and an exceptional power supply design to ensure that nothing is lost from the original signal. with setting options for impedance, capacitance and gain. Easily adjusts to unleash the best sound from your system. Find out more in the link above ^

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