Following the recent announcement of Ortofon’s most expensive ever cartridge (MC Century, announced in July), Henley Audio have announced the immediate availability of a more affordable limited edition cartridge that harks back to a time when Ortofon’s DJ cartridge was actually a premium Hifi offering.

In 1979, the Concorde looked radically different to any other cartridge on the market. Conceived by award-winning industrial designer Jan Trägårdh, the Concorde eliminated the need for a headshell and fiddly cables when mounting a cartridge into an “SME-style” tonearm. The Concorde has been in continuous production for Ortofon ever since, mainly as a DJ model. To commemorate their centenary, Ortofon have chosen to produce a limited run of Hifi Concorde cartridges; the first time the design has been used for audiophile applications in many years.

The Concorde Century is a premium Moving Magnet (MM) cartridge, released in a limited edition of 1,000 pieces. It features a Nude Fine Line diamond stylus profile and uses silver-plated copper wire in the generator system. It also has a shiny chrome finish and bears the special Ortofon Anniversary logo. The Concorde Century is delivered in a sturdy presentation case bearing the anniversary logo, shipped with a user manual and maintenance pack in a tailored purse inside. SRP £525.00.


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