On the 16th October between Noon and 19.00, Oxford Audio Consultants invite Hifi Pig readers to the launch of the try new mu-somusonaim_news wireless music system (£895) from Naim. Its advanced yet simple to use connectivity includes AirPlay, UPnP™ streaming, Spotify Connect, Bluetooth (aptX), iRadio, iOS and Android app control and multiroom capability.

Oxford Audio Consultants will also have other rooms with the following kit available for audition:

  • Naim 300 power amplifier driving Magico S5 loudspeakers via Naim A5 standard speaker cable. Source will be a Naim NDX streamer with optional XPS power supply into the 252/SuperCap preamplifier. All on Naim Fraim equipment supports with Naim interconnects and power cables. Themselves a great upgrade for any Naim component.
  • At the other end of the scale there will beNaim’s £1725 UnitiLite all-in-one player with Kef’s £800 LS50 stand mount speakers.
  •  In the large demo room they will have Naim’s £3495 SuperUniti Audio Player with PMC’s £5750 twenty26 floorstanding speakers.

Mark Raggett of Naim will be on hand to answer your questions too.


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