To say that ProJect were well represented at the Paris Hifi show in 2012 would be a bit of an understatement. As well as the dozens of turntables on display (see our Paris Hifi Show Report part 2) there was even more.I like the simple form and sleek, minimal design of the StereoBox DS Integrated amplifier and the StreamBox DS Net, Nice and elgant solutions in a diminutive package. Sadly we were unable to listen to either when we were in the room.













Throughout the show there seemed to be plethora of all in one units and iPod style docks and they did seem to be attracting a good deal of interest from the paying public. Here’s one of the ones on show from Yamaha.













Speaking of Yamaha their Soavo Loudspeakers were making a lovely sound on the end of Yamaha’s own electronics. There’s certainly something about the styling of these units that takes me back to the early 80s and my first foray into hifi.
























The Hifitorium (great name that) room had a German Music culture MC501 CD player, The same company’s MC 601 preamplifier, an Aragon 8008 power amplifier feeding Usher Mini dancer Loudspeakers. It was a god sounding and busy room and an audio set up I’d certainly be happy to hear more of at home.













The Accuphase room was, unsurprisingly very busy, and full to overflowing with kit, We ventured in the there a few times and were impressed each time with the sound that we heard. The beautifully finished Franco Serblin Ktema and Accordo loudspeakers exuded Italian style and class on the end of the Accuphase electronics.





































In the Epectaz room Estelon loudspeakers, Musical Fidelity electronics and humungous PS Audio power conditioners looked mightily impressive. As with a number of the rooms, the initial impression was certainly nothing to write home about and the system sounded decidedly lack-lustre…a second listen later in the afternoon however provided a toe tappingly enjoyable experience. Visually these loudspeakers appeal very much to me.

















































Sadly we were unable to listen to the Krell s1200 surround processor or the Phantom III pre and 2250e power amplifier combination, but you have to admit that Krell kit has always looked purposeful!

























The Carrot One stand was very well done I thought. One of each of their amplifiers set up on a table allowing visitors to plug in their own DAP and have a listen on the provided headphones. I had a very quick listen and wasn’t able to form an honest opinion of the little Fabriziolo pre amplifier – I’d have much preferred the opportunity to use my own headphones (which I had with me). I have to say the styling is certainly ‘distinctive’.













Now here’s something you don’t see everyday! an abandoned pair of Mark Levinson No 53 Monobloc amplifiers. Possessed by the spirit of Madonna I did offer to adopt these waifs but sadly it was not to be.













Transrotor turntable along with Finnish Aurelia XO Cerica loudspeakers and AVM electronic filled the room beautifully and was a stunning combination to behold.





































And so to the Revox room. Now when I say room I actually mean to say cupboard, or so it seemed. To be fair the room was overflowing with people every time we went in there but the stystem the company were showcasing looked like it had been plonked in the middle of the room with little thought being given to the sound. as such it’s hard to pass judgement on their kit.

























Fusion Acoustics had the Gryphon amplifier and Meitner Audio Ma2 CD player playing through an unknown pair of loudspeakers – sadly the small room was so busy I had to remain at the back and wasn’t able to ask of their origin.





































Tomorrow we’ll publish all the photos of the show that we have and display them in a slideshow for you, but in the main that’s it for this years Pairs Hifi Show from Hifi Pig. We had a great time and met some really great people. There were some disappointments through the day, but these were really minor quibbles in the main and there was some seriously impressive kit on display.

Hifi Pig would like to thank the organisers of the Paris Hifi Home Cinema and Interior Technologies show (Organisation SPAT) for their wonderful hospitality and kindness in providing us with a great show and excellent press facilities. Until next year, a bientot!

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