Finnish brand Penaudio’s new Alba Signature is a modernized version of their first Alba back in the beginning of the 2000s.

The new speaker features Penaudio’s trademark plywood veneer design but has a more rigid structure for better clarity in sound.

Penaudio’s new Alba Signature Floorstanding Loudspeakers

Crossover And Drivers

There is a new cross-over and the tweeter is a Seas Excel 29 mm textile dome tweeter, the one used in the Penaudio Signature-line. The Midrange/woofer driver is also new, a 22 cm (8 inch) Excel driver designed especially for Penaudio by Seas.

Penaudio’s new Alba Signature feature a specially designed Seas driver

Designed for Valve/Tube Amps

Penaudio made the Alba Signature their first loudspeaker that would be easily connected in any tube or valve amplifier, so it has a really smooth impedance curve that won`t drop below 8 Ohms at any time. Almost all the listening during design was done through tubes.

Alba Signature is also equipped with the latest technology WBT Nextgen 0705Ag silver connectors and is available in  Birch,  Black Ash,  Black Piano,  Karelian Birch,  Oak,  White Piano and  Zebrano finishes.

WBT connectors

Tech Specs

Type2-way, reflex loaded, floorstander

Drive units29 mm textile dome tweeter (Seas Excel, Crescendo), 220 mm (Seas Excel) midrange/bass with heavy copper rings above and below pole piece

Cross-over 3800 Hz

Frequency range

In-room response25 – 30000 Hz

Sensitivity88 dB/1 m/2,83 V

Nominal impedance8 Ohms

Recommended amplifier>+20 W

Dimensions (WxHxD) 240 x 900 x 430 mm

Weight 21 kg

Specialities Seas Excel drivers, WBT Nextgen 0705 AG, polypropylene capacitors, air core inductors, aluminium reflex pipes, Finnish Plywood 18 mm and Sandwich Veneer 1,5 mm + MDF 16 mm + Plywood 5 mm (High Gloss Version MDF 25 mm and MDF 18 mm) cabinet

Penaudio’s new Alba Signature Floorstanding Loudspeakers with grilles on


SRP (Including VAT): 8495 €

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