German manufacturer Physical Emotions got in touch with Hifi Pig to give us a little information about what appears to be an absolutely EMOTIONALTurntablestunning looking turntable.

Main features of the turntable are as follows:

  • Horizontally and vertically operating air bearing with accuracy of
    concentricity of 0,1µm. Additional axis with adjustable pressure to transfer
    resonances produced by play back to sub chassis using an execution which the company say is a world’s first.
  • Sub chassis with pneumatic, analogue driven, self-adjustable
  • Play back platter manufactured from POM, completely decoupled from
    the driven platter, which is manufactured of a mix of metals. The company say that this set up ensures that no disturbances generated by the drive mechanism can reach the pick-up. They also add that the play back platter has the characteristic of not being able to stor energy.
  • The tonearm base is constructed in such a way that the tonearm is decoupled
    from the sub chassis but also in an exact and stable position. This is accomplished
    by suspending the mounting plate on Kevlar strings. Physical Emotions also say that tonearm base along with a completely adjusted tone arm can be exchanged in less than a minute, without losing the set up.
  • All components optimized for freedom of resonances and reflections.
  • Extremely accurate and disturbance free drive system with a pulley of 16 cm diameter which also acts as a fly wheel.

Ok, so it looks imposing and the features certainly look impressive but what about the cost. Price will be 35.000€ or 43.000$


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