The new generation of PIEGA Premium loudspeakers from Switzerland feature the companies new LDR 3056 high-range ribbon tweeter in it’s top of the range model.

Kurt Scheuch’s team of developers at PIEGA have created a new slim, range featuring softly curving aluminium cabinets and ribbon tweeters.

Premium 701 (below)

The Premium 701 is barely larger than its smaller sister model, the 501. It also uses a 2.5-way system. Two 140 mm MDS converters cater for the bass, one of the two also handles mid-tone emission. The newly developed LDR 3056 ribbon, used here for the very first time, produces the high tones.

Premium 501

This slim column loudspeaker, which is only 16 cm wide and about one metre tall features two long-stroke 120 mm MDS low mid-range drivers and LDR 2642 MKII ribbon.

Premium 301 (below)

The Premium 301 is a compact loudspeaker with a baffle about the size of an A4 sheet. Behind the removable fabric cover, a 140 mm MDS low mid-range driver and the LDR 2642 MKII ribbon tweeter ensure transmission of all frequencies from 39 to 50 kHz.

More information on the range here

PIEGA Premium loudspeakers are launching at the Bristol Sound &Vision Show 2018, Stand Reception, Ground Floor


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