Danish audio company DALI are getting together with specialist Walsall high-end dealer Sound Academy to host a very special music evening on 23rd of September. There’ll be a live feed to the London launch of the new DALI Opticon series of loudspeakers on but the store is also putting on a special event of its own. Visitors will be getting a unique opportunity to listen to the DALI Epicon 6 speakers (£7800), driven by a Primare PRE60 and A60 amp (both £6499 each) and fed by a Rega ISIS CD player (£6000) and a surprise new turntable (with a pristine 180g copy of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon taking pride of place of the platter!). Naturally, DALI staff will be in attendance to hand out lashings of free food and drink to accompany the music (and answer any questions about DALI!) with the event set to kick off from 5pm until late into the night. Pop in and stay for as little or as long as you like… Dali_News_180915

Last but not least, to give audio fans an extra incentive to visit, there will be a free-to-enter draw to give away a pair of the fabulous new DALI Opticon 1 loudspeakers, worth a whopping £500. But please note… the draw will ONLY be open to those who have physically visited the event.


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