By Night is the brand new record by the Californian four-piece, Plague Vendor. They bring a hard, fast and loud sound which is very enthralling. The album has 10 songs on it and not one is a disappointment. Their sound could be described as punk or garage rock but ultimately they are an impressive hard rock outfit with punk attitude thrown in for good measure.

The lead single from the record is New Comedown (see below) and it is also the start of the album. It is a good insight into the band’s style but the album has more to offer than just that one song. The album seems to have semblances of Jack White, which is seen through the vocals of Brandon Blaine. Also the album, in my opinion, reminds me of the music used in the film Scott Pilgrim Versus the World. This is because of the heavy basslines from Michael Perez, which is my favourite aspect of the band and their new record. This Scott Pilgrim vibe can be replicated in the song Prism. As it feels like the bass solos could almost be taken straight from the bass battle seen in the movie.

Plague Vendor is an exciting band that have a sound and they are embracing it. I have a feeling that if the new single doesn’t appeal to your musical taste then the album is not for you. But if the single does interest you then definitely listen to the rest. As they introduce more elements and there are better songs on the record, like Prism and Snakeskin Boots.

Score: 7.5/10

Benjamin Trapper

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