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PMC twenty5.21i

The twenty5.21i may be the smallest model in the twenty5i range, but here’s nothing small about the sound, which has the impact you’d expect from a much larger cabinet, thanks to PMC’s Advanced Transmission Line technology. The speaker is ideal for use in small-to-medium listening environments where space is at a premium, but where you still want detailed bass, ultra-realistic mids and delicate highs with maximum musicality. It’s also perfect for immersive audio, such as a home cinema or Dolby Atmos Music system.

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“The bass is so quick and nimble…the timing is incredible.” “The dynamics of the piano, just wow, that was goose bump city.” “A great overall design.” Steve Guttenburg, The Audiofiliac

PMC twenty5.22i

With its 6.5” bass driver, the twenty5.22i is perfect for larger spaces where a bigger sound is required to fill the room. But its trim dimensions and elegantly sloping cabinet mean it doesn’t stand out, apart from musically! Contained within is the lengthy ATL™ and Laminair™ vent that allow the speaker to deliver a clean, powerful bass response that belies its size. Coupled with detailed highs from the new soft dome tweeter and exceptional midrange performance, the twenty5.22i is both agile and very dynamic.

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“These are outstanding speakers, as I thought and hoped they would be.” Simon Wilce, HiFi & Music Source

PMC twenty5.23i

The twenty5.23is the most popular model in the range and demonstrates phenomenal realism, transparency and musicality. Its elegant floor-standing form is perfect for filling rooms with authentic dynamics and effortlessly extended bass, and it blends unobtrusively into any room, whatever the décor. As with all of the twenty5i range it features the core technologies of Advanced Transmission Line and the revolutionary Laminair™ vent for aerodynamic airflow. It makes the best of affordable source electronics and truly excels when coupled with high-end amplification.

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“Pair them with a high quality amplifier and a good source and you will never regret your purchase.” Chris Kelly, 

PMC twenty5.24i

The largest of the two-way speakers in the twenty5i series, the 24i produces a compelling and truly life-like musical performance with real poise, precision and power. In medium to large rooms its 6.5” bass driver, coupled to the ATL™ and Laminair™ vent, fill the space with music of such a hi-fidelity nature that no other two-way speaker of a similar size can compete. Yet, despite its musical presence, the slender and graceful cabinet complements, not dominates, the room.

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“With movies and music it never seems to put a foot wrong, and that makes it it top of the class.” Mark Craven, Home Cinema Choice

PMC twenty5.26i

The twenty5.26i three-way flagship model incorporates a dome midrange driver, which borrows technology from the legendary PMC midrange dome found in the world’s leading studio monitors and is dedicated to the all-important frequencies where the critical detail is to be found in vocal recordings. In conjunction with the bass driver, ATL™ and Laminair™,  the twenty5.26i fills even the largest spaces with absolute transparency and clarity and deep, pure bass. This elegant and sublime speaker brings out the very best in any connected equipment.

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“A genuine audiophile treat!” Jason Kennedy, HiFi+

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