PMC has invested in advanced laser measuring equipment for its research and development department, to help facilitate a more “holistic approach” to future drive unit and cabinet designs for improved low frequency performance.

Known for its ATL (Advanced Transmission Line) bass loading, the R&D team, headed by Oliver Thomas, is now equipped with a state-of-the-art tool that will enable them to refine this further.

Using the recently installed advanced laser measurement system, manufactured by Klippel in Germany, the development engineers can measure the mechanical parameters of the loudspeaker drive units with far greater accuracy than was previously possible. This permits the development of new drive units, the performance of which can be tailored to exactly suit the application in which they will be used. PMC take a whole system approach to speaker design. In addition to more accurately determining the drive unit’s electromechanical performance, known as the Thiel/Small Parameters, the company can also measure the interaction with the ATL. By mounting a prototype drive unit in the prototype ATL and using the laser to measure the mechanical movement of the drive unit in situ, the R&D team can make adjustments to both elements in tandem.

As Oliver Thomas explains, “PMC is renowned for its low frequency performance through the application of the Advanced Transmission Line – and so it’s an area of system design we obviously spend a lot of time on. Using our new laser measurement package, we can accurately measure what is happening with the cone movement at very low frequencies when mounted in the ATL.” He continues, “From an engineering perspective this provides knowledge that we can use to fine tune the drive unit and ATL design in parallel and in real time. The advantages for us of this holistic approach are tremendous in the development of ATL loudspeakers and will enable even more accurate and transparent loudspeakers to be developed for our professional and domestic customers.”





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