The pNEUPOD NP-1 is a pneumatic isolation device developed by pNEUANCE Audio. This product uses air compression as its major isolation method. The rubber diaphragm contains the air and allows it to isolate in all planes.

The pNEUPOD NP-1 has adjustable air pressure to allow components of varying weights to be used. Uneven weight distribution is accommodated by varying the air pressure in the individual feet. The rubber diaphragm is a custom formulation and the air valve is also a custom design that will allow connection and disconnection of the air pump without any loss of pressure.

The original design dates back to 1983. The newly formed pNEUANCE Audio company has taken this concept and refined it with modern materials and engineering.

pNEUANCE will be sharing a room at the upcoming AXPONA show with GamuT Audio, on the 16th floor room #1639, April 13-15, 2018.


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