Polymate3D’s 3D printed modular full-range driver, the FD61, is a driver in kit form, launched on crowdfunding site, Kickstarter.

Paul Ellis is the designer of FD61. It has a modular design which enables you to swap parts out to not only change the look, but also the sound character of your speaker build.

3D Printing

Paul told us: “As a teenager, I spent countless hours, days, months designing and producing new speakers. Each one I learned a bit more, but the time, cost and space were the limiting factors in how quickly I could develop each one. FD61 with its high level of customization and 3D printed cabinets which can be used in different ways brings an end to this”.


The project has taken two and a half years and seen 32 prototypes developed. FD61 is now available on Kickstarter in 2 varieties, starting at £30. FD61-4PW is a more vintage sounding driver with an early roll-off on the high-end frequencies. FD61-4CF uses a carbon fiber composite to produce an even frequency response across its frequency range and a more modern sounding driver. Each driver comes with 2 different phase plugs to change the style and dispersion characteristics of the driver. There is also a ‘Fan Edition’ which comes with both drive trains so you can start swapping out parts straight away. Drive trains and phase plugs will also be made available separately.

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