Concrete Audio are a German loudspeaker manufacturer who, unsurprisingly given their name, make their speakers from concrete.

At this year´s High End, Europe’s leading show for high quality audio, Concrete Audio introduces the new bookshelf speaker B1. Concrete say: “Active and wireless the small powerhouse promises uncomplicated sound experience in best quality and aesthetic enjoyment”.

In addition to the B1 premiere Concrete Audio showcases in Munich the German Design Award winning On-Wall speaker F1, the result of a research cooperation with the Fraunhofer-Institut IDMT. The ultra flat concrete body together with the patented array-technology forms an innovative speaker system. 41 electrody- namic mini-speakers act like one large membrane, allowing for a total depth of only 32 millimetres and giving a convincing performance. The F1 is placed, just like a picture, directly on the wall and appears despite a weight of 12 kg very filigree”.

The loudspeakers can be hidden or be an eye catcher, harmonise with various interiors, and, thanks to wireless connection, suit multi-room installation.” explains Frank Nebel, owner of the speaker manufacturer.

Concrete Audio will also show the passive floorstanding loudspeaker N1, designed for “a completely natural sound reproduction without any loss of quality. The enclosures are made of special high-strength concrete, that reliably prevents vibrations, base for authentic sound”.

Concrete Audio speaker systems are produced in a limited edition in Germany.





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