We spotted new company Pristine Vinyl Ltd at the recent Bristol Show and thought their  ViVac Record Cleaning ViVacSystems (RCS) looked pretty awesome and so got in touch for a bit more information. Given the increase in both vinyl and turntables it would seem a sensible time to launch such a product.

Developed and manufactured in the UK, the ViVac range is built around a powerful vacuum pump that, when used in conjunction with Pristine Vinyl’s Deep Clean Solution, removes contaminants from deep within the records grooves leaving them clean, dry and ready to play.

The use of a motorized arm with a precision vacuum nozzle ensures that records can be thoroughly cleaned safely with no chance or re-contamination..

Suitable for use with 12”, 10” and 7” records with no adjustment or alteration, the design looks to be a fool proof, quick and efficient way to clean even the dirtiest of records.

The entry level ViVac RCS1 requires the cleaning solution to be applied manually by the user whilst the ViVac RCS2 utilises a precision electronic pump to provide the right amount of cleaning solution simply with the touch of a button.

Both models are available in a range of finishes and colours and, given their small, unique and attractive design, they should sit comfortably alongside any Hi Fi system or décor.

The recommended retail price within the UK for the ViVac RCS1 and RCS2 models will be

£1,795 and £1,995 respectively (+P&P)


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