Pro-Ject Audio Systems are rounding off 2019 with a string of announcements in conjunction with their UK distributor, Henley Audio, which enhances their high-end offering.

Walnut Burl Finishes

First unveiled at Munich High-End 2019, Pro-Ject Audio Systems high-end turntables are now available in a new finish. The walnut burl veneer is available in a deep “high-gloss” finish, or in a lighter “satin” finish. The burl effect gives a visual appeal similar to marble.

The following models are available to special order in a walnut burl finish:

Xtension 9 SuperPack (£2,850.00 SRP – non-burl finishes are £2,500.00)

Xtension 10 (£3,350.00 SRP – non-burl finishes are £3,000.00)

Xtension 12 (£4,000.00 SRP – non-burl finishes are £3,600.00)

Signature 10 (£4,650.00 SRP – non-burl finishes are £4,250.00)

Signature 12 (£8,650.00 SRP – non-burl finishes are £8,000.00)

Power Supply Upgrades

Effective immediately, all new Pro-Ject Audio Systems high-end turntables purchased in the UK and Ireland from authorised retailers will be supplied with a free of charge linear power supply upgrade.

The Power Box RS UNI TT (normally £399.00 SRP) is an adapted version of the company’s Power Box RS UNI, designed to deliver a clean and stable 15V DC mains signal. Created to enhance the motor performance, and therefore the end sound quality, this high-end power supply upgrade brings a marked improvement to high-end turntables in the X-Line, RPM-Line and Signature-Line of Pro-Ject turntables.

The Power Box RS UNI TT consists of a massive toroidal transformer with shielding between the primary and secondary winding, which acts as an isolating transformer and avoids penetration of interferences from mains power into the audio component. The built-in transformer has a much higher power reserve compared to standard power adapters. It has very low output impedance and in combination with large filtration capability it can manage all power needs.

The Power Box RS UNI TT will now come free of charge with the following turntables:

6 Perspex SB

Xtension 9 SuperPack

Xtension 10

Xtension 12

Signature 10

Signature 12

RPM 9 Carbon

RPM 10 Carbon

Cartridge Bundle Program

As exclusive UK distributors for Pro-Ject Audio Systems and Ortofon A/S, Henley Audio have announced a new “bundle” program, whereby purchasers of a new high-end turntable from Pro-Ject Audio Systems that is not otherwise supplied with a cartridge (2 Xperience SB S-Shape, 6 Perspex SB, Xtension 10, Xtension 12, Signature 10, Signature 12, RPM 9 Carbon, RPM 10 Carbon) can purchase a “bulk” cartridge from Pro-Ject or Ortofon for a discount of up-to 30% against the original retail price.

There’s also the option to have the cartridge fitted by an expert from the Henley Audio team. All pre-installed cartridges are tested for competency before dispatch.

The cartridges available to bundle with a high-end Pro-Ject Audio Systems turntable include:

Pro-Ject Pick-IT DS2 MC

Ortofon Cadenza Red

Ortofon Cadenza Blue

Ortofon Cadenza Bronze

Ortofon Cadenza Black

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