PS Audio Sunlight firmware upgrade released for PerfectWave DirectStream DAC and DirectStream Jr.

The new PS Audio Sunlight operating system enables the DirectStream DAC to deliver improved performance including quad-rate DSD capability, and enhances the audio quality of the DirectStream Jr.

PS Audio Sunlight OS Firmware Upgrade

PS Audio Sunlight OS upgrades the PS Audio PerfectWave DirectStream DAC


“The sonic improvements provided by the Sunlight are not subtle – it’s like getting an entirely new DAC,” said Paul McGowan, PS Audio CEO. “Sunlight is the result of testing more than 20 iterations of code and months of programming, listening and fine-tuning by our digital engineering guru Ted Smith, senior hardware engineer Darren Myers and others on the development team. It’s the ultimate expression of PS Audio’s ‘mountaintop’ series of upgrades.”


The Sunlight upgrade is made possible because the PS Audio PerfectWave DirectStream DAC  is fully programmable, by means of its FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array) core processing engine. This flexible architecture allows every parameter that controls the DirectStream DAC to be configured and tweaked.

With the Sunlight OS, the DirectStream DAC will now accept quad-rate DSD via its I2S input. By precisely controlling the clock timing of the signals in the various stages of the circuit, noise and jitter are reduced.


Sunlight OS can be downloaded free of charge from PS Audio. In addition, Sunlight can be purchased pre-loaded onto an SD card (for the DirectStream DAC or USB stick (for the DirectStream Jr.) for $29.

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