roksponsmallPureAudioProject have announced the release of the Trio15 PAP-Horn1.
Trio15 PAP-Horn1 combines their Open Baffle design with a wooden horn.

PureAudioProject say: “Just like all our Trio15 models, the ‘PAP Horn1’ resides on our Trio15 Modular Open Baffle Platform, and differs from other models only by the middle baffle with the horn, and the crossover”. They go on to explain “Our open design allows customers to swap the critical audio components and choose their preferable ones; all without the need to have any technical, DIY, or soldering skills. The horn capacitor resides on gold-plated terminals, and is interchangeable with only a screwdriver. At any time, the horn capacitor (as well as it’s serial resistor) can be swapped. Different brands and models can be evaluated with your own ears, to choose the ones that match at best your sonic DNA”.


The PAP-Horn1 baffle will come in gloss white finishing, while the other baffles can be chosen from their regular offering of German Oak, Bamboo and Gloss White and Black (subject to availability)

The PAP-Horn1 Trio15 will start shipping during February 2017, and is being offered at a special pre-order offer and to offer existing customers at a special time limited upgrade offer.

Web Price:

  • Shipped from the US: US$7,499.-, excl. VAT and shipping
  • Shipped in the EU: EUR8,900.-, incl. 19% VAT and excl. shipping

Special pre-order offer:

  • In the US: Pay a down payment of US$2,000and get a ‘pre-order discount’ of US$1,000
  • In the EU: Pay a down payment of 2,400.-EUR and get a ‘pre-order discount’ of EUR1,200
  • For Trio15 owners: pre-order an upgrade from any Trio15 Neo to PAP-Horn1 for only US$2,500. Upgrade feat. middle baffles with horns and crossovers.

    (This pre-order offer is time and quantity limited)


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