PureAudioProject have got in touch to let us know about a price drop on their open baffle Trio15TB SE. It is now available for US$2,999 in the US and Asia, and EUR2,999 in Europe, featuring the new Aluminium Frame and upgraded OB-A15SE woofers (prices excl. VAT and shipping)Pur_Audio_Project_news180915

Also existing customers and subscribers to their mailing list can get the following upgrades. Upgrade from the above offer to Trio15TB NEO (featuring their Neodymium OB-A15neo woofers) for only US$200 / EUR200, or upgrades for the Trio15TB:
Trio15 Aluminum Frame for US$799 / EUR799
Set of 4 OB-A15SE for US$399 / EUR399
Set of 4 OB-A15neo woofers for US$499 / EUR399


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