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Pure Sound has announced the UK arrival of the Japanese made Aurorasound HEADA Balanced AuroraSound_headphoneampDrive Headphone Amplifier.

As conventionally configured, the Left & Right channels of a headphone amplifier drive the voice coils of the Left & Right driver. However the return path for each channel is joined as one before returning to the amplifier’s common ground. This shared connection has some electrical resistance from the wire and various joints which can produce a common signal at the negative terminal of both driver coils. This will generate low level crosstalk and increase the distortion heard through the headphones. A balanced configuration does away with this common earth return.

Taking advantage of the potential benefits that accrue from operating headphones through balanced drive, the HEADA “sets new standards of performance for amplifiers of this type” says the company’s press release. “The improved signal to noise ratio, dynamic range, slew rate and power delivery alongside the reduction in THD are tangible and all help headphones of the highest quality to deliver their best possible results” it continues.
2 Inputs. 1 switchable Balanced XLR or Unbalanced RCA, 1 via unbalanced RCA.
3 Outputs. 2 Balanced; 1 via XLR L&R, 1 via 4 Pin XLR, 1 unbalanced via ¼” stereo jack.
Utilising in house designed Class A amplifier modules using discrete FETs and transistors.
Large format conductive plastic potentiometer for precise channel balance
Low/High gain selector allows matching to headphones with any impedance or sensitivity
High power toroidal transformer and high speed regulated power supply
Substantial aluminium casework with real wood sleeve & isolation feet
Recommended Headphone impedance 16 Ohm – 600 Ohm
UK RRP £1999.95


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