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​Qobuz, the platform for streaming and downloading high-resolution music, is unveiling Qobuz My Weekly Q and Qobuz Carplay Online, two new features that offer a tailor-made listening experience for its subscribers.

Qobuz My Weekly Q And Carplay Online

The new Qobuz Carplay Online feature


Every Friday, Qobuz now offers its subscribers a personalised playlist that highlights musical discoveries based on listening to users with similar musical profiles. Thanks to collaborative Artificial Intelligence, Qobuz enhances the musical experience of its subscribers by offering eclectic and personalised tracks. This new feature is available on Qobuz’s iOS and Android apps, as well as on the desktop version.


After deploying Carplay Offline, the onboard iOS solution that allows you to listen to downloaded titles in offline mode, Qobuz is now adding their Carplay Online functionality. From now on, Qobuz subscribers will be able to view and launch their favourite tracks and playlists directly on the integrated screen of their car.

“Qobuz offers two features that meet both mobility needs and the demands of audiophiles and music lovers. Thanks to these innovative improvements, our subscribers can now take their music anywhere and enjoy a new source of tailor-made discoveries,” says Axel Destagnol, Head of Product at Qobuz.


Studio Premier / Studio Premier Family

Studio Premier gives you access to Qobuz’s entire 70-million catalogue of albums in Hi-Res and CD qualities, all available for streaming. With the Studio Premier Family subscription, family members living under the same roof can share up to six Qobuz accounts in a single subscription.

  • Studio Premier: £12.99 per month (no strings attached)
  • Studio Premier: £10.83 per month, total of £129.99 billed annually
  • Studio Premier Family: £19.99 per month (no strings attached)
  • Studio Premier Family: £16.67 per month, total of £199.99 billed annually

Studio Sublime / Studio Sublime Family

Studio Sublime gives you access to Qobuz’s entire album catalogue in Hi-Res and CD quality, all available for streaming and for download purchase, with exclusive Studio Sublime discounts up to 60% on Hi-Res purchases.

  • Studio Sublime: £15 per month, total of £179.99 billed annually
  • Studio Sublime Family: £29.17 per month, total of £349.99 billed annually

HiFi Pig Says: Competition between the main streaming services can only be good for the customer as they continue to up their offering and give more bang for buck pricewise.

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