Czech High End Hifi brand, RD Acoustic, are currently building their ‘Ultimate Listening Room’. For the new space, they have produced a custom Hybrid Acoustic Diffuser that, unlike the usual option that is simply hung on the wall and rests in a wooden frame, now covers the entire front wall.

RD Acoustic believes this solution provides a terrific visual impact as well as its acoustic merits.

We have reviewed both their Euphoria  and Evolution loudspeakers in the past, so it is really interesting to see how they are developing their listening room to show off their loudspeakers.

Bespoke Hybrid Diffuser

This bespoke option is now available to trade and private customers, alongside their standard framed diffusers, at the same per metre price, starting at 950€ for 1 msq

RD Acoutic QRD67H – Hybrid Acoustic Diffuser

Disperses unwanted acoustic reflection and does not absorb acoustic energy inside the space at the same time. The sound is perceived as having more spatiality and openness.

Size:  6,7 x 4,5 m

Number of segments: 3015

Segment size: 10 x 10 cm

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