Kompakt is fast becoming one of my favourite “go to” labels when it comes to techno but this release from Rebolledo is a bit different in that it’s actually a DJ mix…yes, remember them??

This is the first major outing for Rebolledo since his first full length debut Super Vato way back in 2011 and it contains exclusive edits and sought after remixes alongside original material from the likes of Barnt, Red Axes, Justus Kohnke and more.

I always thought (even when I was DJing years ago) that the job of a good DJ is to take the listener on a bit of a musical journey and on Momento Drive Rebolledo certainly manages to do just that!! In the album’s accompanying blurb he says “I always liked the word ‘momento’ because of its double meaning in Spanish…as in ‘moment’ when talking about space in time or ‘momentum’ when talking about inertia. I truly enjoy the feeling of constant motion – music can take you places without ever leaving the room”.

Musically this album is very grown up and whilst in places the music is somewhat ‘banging’ it certainly isn’t main room cheesy EDM fodder. As a whole (and you really do need to listen to this record from start to finish in one sitting) it builds and builds with little twists and turns along the way that do indeed take your mind on a trip of its own.

The highlight, if I was to choose one, is Rebolledo’s own tune “Windsurf, Sunburn and Dollar” whose eerily repeated vocal and accompanying effected backing track take you down a slightly disturbed and disturbing sidetrack.

Like the fabulous Dusty Kid’s III album (also on Kompakt) this is music for the mind as well as the body and comes across as raw and stripped back where every sound in the mix is carefully placed to create the DJs desired effect on the listener.

It’s a while since I’ve listened to a DJ mix (it’s a bit of a forgotten format) and it’s certainly a bold move for Kompakt to put out this kind of record, but it works brilliantly and it’s been played and played again over the last few weeks here at Hifi Pig.

Definitely a record for the turned on and tuned in people out there…Linette and I loved it!!

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