Red Wine Audio, manufacturer of battery-powered purist hi-fi products, has announced their first battery-powered high output amplifier which has been designed to drive even the most demanding speakers with ease.

Red Wine have received past accolades from reviewers and customers alike for their battery powered and somewhat minimalist designs but the praise often comes with a caveat – the moderate output of their amplifiers has not been ideal in driving inefficient loudspeakers or driving conventional loudspeakers to high volumes in large rooms.

Output from the Liliana is rated at 115wpc RMS into 8-ohms (230wpc RMS into 4-ohms)

“My goal in designing Liliana was to take full advantage of our premium LiFePO4 battery technology,” says Vinnie Rossi, President of Red Wine Audio. Adding, “With 8 FETs implemented in the Class AB output stage, Liliana allows for some serious “dc-direct” current delivery.”

Innovative battery-powered Class-A vacuum tube input stage is said to deliver a “seductive midrange warmth and tone, a huge soundstage, and a sweet and airy top end – further enhanced by an uncanny absence of background noise.”

NOT your typically high power amplifier sound and definitely “off-grid”

According to Rossi, “Liliana’s sound quality will amaze, even at very low listening levels.” Adding, “…when driven hard to achieve energetic “you-are-there” SPLs, Liliana delivers a level of clarity and resolution that will redefine what people expect from a reference amp!”

The onboard microprocessor controlled thermal and short-circuit management ensure the safety of the amplifier and the amplifier boasts onboard smart battery management.

Line-level output “pass through” provides option to drive active subwoofers or other power amplifiers making the Liliana quite a flexible beast and movable clear acrylic windows – built into top cover panels – provide easy access for tube-rolling should audiophiles feel the need.

Prices for the Liliana$6,000 / pair, with introductory pricing of $5,600 / pair for orders placed by April 30 2012.


Red Wine offers a trade up credit for selected Red Wine Audio components toward the purchase of a new pair of Liliana Monoblocks.


Customer units begin shipping this week, with lead-times subject to backorder based on customer demand.

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