Resonessence Labs, whose Invacta Dac we previously reviewed, have announced they will introduce its latest product, CONCERO at this years RMAF in Denver 12th-14th October, just 12 months after releasing its award winning INVICTA product.
The CONCERO is the processing engine from the INVICTA DAC, packaged to be used with your existing high end
audio components. Capable of operating in three distinct modes, you may use CONCERO as a USB, 24bit/192kHz
Asynchronous DAC, an SPDIF DAC, or as a USB to SPDIF bridge. CONCERO reponds to the standard Apple IR
remote controller too.
In the USB DAC and SPDIF DAC modes, CONCERO provides ESS Sabre DAC analog output to the pre-amplifier
input of the user’s existing audio configuration. The new unit offers a choice of multiple up-sampling filters, including the Resonessence designed Apodizing and IIR filters, 44.1kS/s and 48kS/s.
In its third mode of operation CONCERO may be configured to run as a USB to SPDIF bridge and delivers ultra-low
jitter, 24bit SPDIF output.
Designed and manufactured in Canada, the unit is crafted out of an all Aluminum chassis and incorporates components such as the ESS SABRE 24bit, two channel DAC and the Xilinx Spartan 6 FPGA. Priced at $599US we
believe that CONCERO offers exceptional value.


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