The market for Digital Audio Players is fiercely competitive with new brands entering the fray constantly. As such a new product has to either offer excellent for money or sound cut above the competition. At £290 the ATC HDA-DP20 comes in at a mid-priced product which could be a good choice if the sound quality, build and ease of use are on a par with more expensive units. Janine Elliot takes a listen.

“The HAD-DP20 is the most expensive the company produce, though at £289.95 is still a small sum for a top model. The build and specification of this device is first class, and surprisingly good for a first generation of machines; just look at how primitive early generations of number of DAPs were and how much better they are now, as is the same with Kia and Hyundai cars! This is seriously well made audio and well worthy of review…”

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