Sicily is famed for its lemons.  Fortunately, John Scott discovers that Sicilian amplifier manufacturer Audiozen’s Alchemy amp is a bit of a peach at £3091.

“The Audiozen Alchemy amplifier arrived in an impressively large, sturdy and heavy wooden packing case, branded with the Audiozen logo.  Fortunately, my cordless drill had retained just enough power to enable it to unscrew the top of the case as I suspect there may have been a small degree of shouting and swearing if I had been required to exert my puny muscles to remove the screws.  Solid, secure packaging is to be applauded though, and as my drill wheezed out its dying breath just as the final screw was removed, I lifted the top of the case to see that its contents were well-protected by the thick foam panelling glued to each of the interior sides…”

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