The AVID Hifi Reference Four is a £15 000, British designed and manufactured standmount that weighs in at an impressive 40 Kg including dedicated stand. Janine Elliot takes a listen to this innovative design. 

“AVID Hifi is a company that doesn’t scrimp on metal or components to produce the very best in audio. Their turntables are heavy beasts and their amplifiers and speakers require significant muscle to move about the house.

At £15000 their Reference Four might well be the baby of the family but this heavyweight is still 40kg including the stands (25Kg speaker plus 15Kg stand). It also includes much of the technical developments from its bigger siblings. Made from 10-20mm machine tooled aluminium (and 30-40mm on Ref 1 and 2!), this is not small in weight, nor is it in sound or technological prowess…”

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