Costing £3995 the AVM Inspiration CS2.2 packs a lot under the hood. It’s a streamer, a CD player, DAC, FM radio, Internet radio player, it has an on-board MM/MC phonostage and outputs a healthy amount of power. For those looking for a one box plus speakers solution it looks the business, but does it cut the mustard? Dominic Marsh finds out. 

“The AVM Inspiration CS2.2 is one of many compact “all in one” units found on the market today.  The trend seems to be driven by a desire for people to be living in more and more cramped spaces in housing becoming less spacious, or people don’t want a heap of boxes sat in a rack and  cramping their lifestyle choices.  The word “compact” though conjures up images of cheap parts shoehorned into a small box, beset by a huge list of compromises to achieve that goal and with a sound quality ranking just above the standard of a portable transistor radio…”

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