DAC3 is the latest converter to be unveiled by Benchmark and features the new ESS Technology ES9028PRO chip. Dan Worth takes the £2349 American made DAC3 for a test drive. 

“There’s no denying that Benchmark are well known in the Hifi world for producing DACs which produce clean, uncoloured and truthful music. Conflicting reports from individuals in the industry and the home user explain moments of true greatness and situations of an over-accurate presentation leaving the music lifeless and a little stark. The truth of the matter from my humble point of view is that if you do not have a system which has great synergy and is balanced tonally a DAC such as the Benchmark will never suit. The core characteristic of all Benchmark DACs is to extract all the detail as transparently as possible, remain flat and cohesive in its presentation and allow the listener to engage deep into the music…”

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