Vibrating stylus cleaners are not a new concept, but the Flux Hifi Sonic stylus operates at a lower frequency to older types, which, say the company, makes it perfectly safe to use on your precious cartridge. 

“I got this funky little unit passed to me at Munich last year but if truth be known it has sat on the side of the Hifi rack up until a couple of months ago when I finally plucked up the courage to give it a whirl on the Gold Note Tuscany Red cartridge. Why the hesitation? Well, liquids that have big Achtung/Caution stickers on their bottle and five grand cartridges make for a worrying combination. Add into the mix a small vibrating pad that I envisaged shaking the cantilever lose and you can see why I might be a tad worried. The Flux Hifi Sonic is not a new concept, there have been vibrating stylus cleaners around for years, but the manufacturers say that it operated at a lower frequency to the older models and as such said to be much safer and more effective”.

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