Dan Worth takes a listen to the Goldenear Triton 5 floorstanding loudspeakers which for £2300 looks at face value to be a lot of speaker for the money. 

“The Goldenear Triton 5 is a slim, wholly passive floor-stander just over a metre tall, which sits in the brand’s flagship range between a smaller passive floor tower – the Triton 7 – and four larger semi-active systems equipped with powered subwoofer sections. Each is the lovechild of Sandy Gross, the founder and protagonist-in-chief of the Goldenear brand. I’ve never met him but having met the T5, I feel I know him. Not just by the complex way the T5 is engineered, but also how it behaves in-room and in different systems, and from reading the enormous amount of biographical/philosophical information on the web…”

Read the full review here

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