Alan Clark at Kralk Audio in Yorkshire, England has designed a budget range of speakers and called them The TBD range, standing for The Dogs B******s. Ian Ringstead auditions the TDB4s, the second smallest of the range and costing £355 to £465, depending on the finish chosen, to ascertain whether these really are the dog’s danglies, or indeed a dog’s dinner.  

“Regular readers will be aware of Kralk Audio’s speakers as I have reviewed them several times. Alan Clark the designer and owner was speaking to me last year saying how he wanted to design and sell a budget range of speakers suited to the lower end of the market and for the price conscious fans on limited funds. He went around several dealers to see what was currently out there and to get a feel for current trends to see what he was up against.

The result was the TDB range. When asked what TDB stood for Alan in his inimitable Yorkshire way said “The Dogs B******s “. In other words, the real business or deal. You have to love him for his down to earth sense of humour. Initially there are four models in the range, the TDB2, TDB4. TDB6 and TDB8. Matching stands are available for each model too. “

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