The £4100 Lector 707 CD Player, here with the top level power supply, the PSU-7T, is made in Italy, has a valve output stage and a top loading transport. Dominic Marsh and Lionel Payne. put it through its paces.  

“Some say that the Compact Disc medium has had its finest day and streaming is where it’s now at. I beg to differ and still prefer the sound (and to me, the consistent reliability) of the silver disc. My fellow reviewer Dan has abandoned CDs entirely and relies solely on the likes of Tidal and such-like for his source material. While I envy the access he has to an immense library of music to call upon, it wasn’t pleasant watching the sheer angst on his face when only half of his total playlist was showing on screen and one channel kept dropping out of his system which was traced to a DAC connection apparently…”

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