Eight little feet that sit around your platter and which your record is placed on from English company MCRU and costing £24. Janine Elliot takes a listen. 

“David Brook is a passionate audiophile and retailer working up North in Huddersfield, UK, who also dabbles in his own additions to the Hifi chain such as cables and rubber feet. He recently presented me with a CD at the Munich show containing eight miniscule pressure point rubber feet stuck on the surround of the disc sourced from a local charity shop.  These were to be transferred on to my platter. The idea of these £24 additions is to minimise contact with the record (and therefore the platter), forming isolation from rumble, something tackled by a number of manufacturers in the past, such as Michael Gammon at Transcriptors with their Hydraulic Reference and Skeleton turntables. These feet contain two plastics; the rubbery black base that sticks at 8 regular distances around the circumference of the platter with a more malleable white rubber tips which the record sits on…”

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