Made in Italy and with an unusual aesthetic, the Mya speakers from Nime Audio certainly look the high-end part, but what do they sound like. Stuart Smith cocks an ear to these €12500 beauties.

“Let’s jump straight in and discuss the elephant in the room with regards the Nime Mya loudspeakers – they look like no other speaker I’ve encountered before. Nico Memoli is the person behind the Nime (NIco MEmoli) brand and during the course of this review I got in touch with him to ask him about his philosophy of design given the very different aesthetics of his loudspeakers and here’s what he had to say: “I am a lover of beauty and design of all kinds; clothes, cars, shoes, furniture etc and I thought that even within the sometimes esoteric world of High End, specifically the loudspeakers needed a refresh with the design. I believe this to be the case because the modern furnishing market is having a great aesthetic evolution, and I believe that the “old” box-shaped lines are no longer current in luxury or contemporary furnishings. In 2010 I designed the first Elite One model loudspeaker and I proposed it to the market in 2012.  In my opinion, the Elite One managed to combine both design and functionality, creating a high-performance diffuser which, like a piece of furniture, was easy to fit into modern furnished homes, enhancing the location wherever it is placed. All my present and future models take this rule into account.” And so there you have it…”

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