I’ve been a long-time fan of origin Live tonearms having used their Silver tonearm on a fully modded Technics 1210 and on my previous vinyl spinner from Analogue Works, the logical next step for our vinyl front end was to upgrade the arm and to buy one of OLs turntables. We have and here are our thoughts on the British company’s Resolution turntable with upgraded PSU and triple layer Acrylic platter, partnered with their Zephyr tonearm. The total price of the turntable as tested here is £5550. 

“The Resolution turntable falls bang in the middle of this UK company’s range and costs £3300 for the turntable with the upgraded, and I think vital, transformer power supply adding a further £340. The upgraded platter on the our turntable, which adds two further layers to the Acrylic platter, adds a further £960. We didn’t have the opportunity to compare with the standard platter, but Origin Live reckon this to make a more significant improvement to performance than the upgraded PSU. The Zephyr tonearm is the top of the fully gimballed range from the company and comes in at £950. For the purposes of this review I used our reference Goldnote Tuscany Red cartridge retailing at €5799…”

Read the full review here


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