The Parasound Halo 2.1 Integrated Amplifier with DAC is a fully featured integrated amplifier with an on-board DAC and much more. David Robson takes a listen to this £2999 well specified amp. 

“Parasound are a brand I’ve known of for many years mainly for their Pre and Power amplifier combinations, but never experienced first hand. This American brand was the brainchild of Richard Schram whose first amplifiers appeared in 1981 and were mostly sourced and built in Japan. Richard Graduated from the University of California in 1968 and spent his time in his first job in a record and Hifi shop assembling turntables and speakers. Later on Richard was accompanied by expert amplifier designer John Curl. One of Mr Curl’s claims to fame include designing master recorders for Wilson Audio and Mobile Fidelity, and the mixing consoles used in live concerts by The Grateful Dead and at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland. So the chance to review Parasounds very first integrated amplifier was something I jumped at!…”

Read the full review here 

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