RDacoustic are based in the Czech Republic and we first came across them at High End Munich where their Evolution loudspeakers were being powered by KR Audio amplifiers being fed by a 440 Audio turntable…all Czech brands. The Evolution loudspeakers are a single driver design using a backloaded horn and cost from €9990. 

“The Evolutions are an imposing back loaded horn loudspeaker standing 180 cm high, weigh 75Kg a piece and come in a variety of real wood finishes, embellished on the front baffle with artificial leather; again the customer can choose the colour. Evolution is a single driver loudspeaker with no crossover and you can choose between Voxativ, Lowther, Enviee and a few other 8” drivers. Our review pair came with what I think is the pick of the crop, the Voxativ and the Oris 500 front horn, which is designed to boost frequencies above 500Hz by 3dB…”

Read the full review here

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