Many of us of a certain age will remember the radiogram, now Ruark bring it bang up to date with their R7 Radiogram costing £2000. John Scott gets a bit nostalgic in what is a bit of a departure for Hifi Pig.

“I have been fascinated by music and the things that make music for literally as long as I can remember.  My earliest musical memories centre around a 1950s HMV radiogram that took pride of place  in the corner of our living room.  At this point, readers born after 1970 may require some explanation as to what a radiogram actually is.  The radiogram combined a record player – we didn’t call them turntables back then – with a radio (we didn’t call those tuners yet either).  The record player and radio were housed in a solid wooden cabinet containing a speaker, or if you were lucky a pair of speakers, and usually a little built in cupboard to store your record collection.  The radiogram was as much a piece of furniture as a functional item and was built for the ages – ours still lives in my mother’s house…”

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