Janine Elliot takes a listen to the SoundKaos LIBéRATION Loudspeakers that use an open baffle design along with ribbon tweeters in a package costing just over £17,000.

“Martin Gateley is Swiss, though he resides in the UK and was born in Jersey. With Swiss mum and Brummy dad he went back to Switzerland (well, who wouldn’t) but left for the UK again in his mid-twenties, though hopes to return to Switzerland at some point in the future. An architect by profession with a commendable CV including Systemworks, MDA and Interfair, plus events and exhibition management projects at Kaos Events Ltd, he has since 2009 turned his ears and eyes to making very distinctive speakers, using the full range Enviee drivers from Alman Galm coupled with a ribbon top end.”

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