Dominic Marsh takes a listen to the Tannoy Revolution XT8F floorstanding loudspeakers costing £1499.

“TANNOY.  Now there is a name many people will recognise and it’s one of the few names that are deeply embedded into the way people around the world would describe a loudspeaker system.  The name actually occupies the same lofty and unique territory in our everyday language as the name “Hoover” is used to describe vacuuming your home, as in “I’m going to Hoover the carpets”.  How many times have you read in a newspaper, book or magazine, or perhaps watched a TV program or film containing these words:  “An announcement was/will be made over the TANNOY system for all passengers to . . . . . . . “ and is still in regular use even today?   No surprise either that Tannoy are still manufacturing Public Address systems as well as a huge range of professional studio equipment…”

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