Audio Files take a standard Audio Technica AT-LP5 turntable, add a new arm and carry out other modifications and offer a stylus upgrade to the standard cartridge. Total costs including the stylus upgrade is £835, Ian Ringstead listens to see if this is a worthwhile route to take over the original AT-LP5, available at time of review available for £319. 

“Audio Technica have been known to me for over 40 years and was a favourite range of cartridges and accessories I sold in my retail days. Whilst visiting the Stylus Show at Manchester I came across a room that was being shared by Audio Technica and The Audio Files a company new to me. They were eagerly demonstrating the differences between a standard AT-LP5 and there modified AT-LP5 IPT. What’s the difference you may ask? Well the philosophy behind the AT-LP5 IPT is that the standard AT-LP5 which is highly regarded could be improved upon without spending a fortune…”

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