Stuart and Linette take a listen to the unique Volya Bouquet loudspeakers costing €120 000

“There was always the possibility that these could be a little gimmicky, but Volya have focused as much attention on the insides of the speakers as they have on the outside. The  Accuton ceramic/kevlar and their diamond drivers are very high quality as are the Mundorf and Goertz crossover components.  The sonic results are outstanding.  The sounds is very pure and natural and the speakers are equally happy with female vocal and acoustic instruments as they are with electronic music. Stuart has gone into plenty of detail previously in this review so I won’t duplicate that, suffice to say these speakers do what I like best, give you a whole load of enjoyment, are totally non-fatiguing, have tight, fast bass and engaging top and mids…”

Read the full review here

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