VANA, the North American distributor for Audio Physic Loudspeakers, European Audio Team turntables and electronics as well as the USA distributor for Okki Nokki record cleaning machines, is now distributing Revolv Supreme Clean Record Cleaning Solution in the US.

The Revolv brand Supreme Clean’s alcohol-free formula is sold in a ready-to-use formulation requiring no additional ingredients or messy dilution and can be used with a vacuum or ultrasonic record cleaning machine.

Revolv say: “Our Supreme Clean is based upon a proprietary formula developed and tested by our in-house engineering team of experts. Our goal was to formulate a record cleaning fluid that specifically targets the causes of most LP record dirt and dust without causing any degradation to the vinyl even after extended exposure. When developing a record cleaning fluid, we wanted it to be easy to use and suitable for the most avid, archival collectors. Using laboratory-grade pure water and prepared under the strictest of industry standards”.Supreme Clean Record is available in 4oz, 16oz, and 32oz containers. MSRP 4oz bottle $12.00 USD, 16oz bottle $20.00 USD and 32oz bottle $32.00 USD.

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