RHA launches true wireless earbuds with Active Noise Cancellation and an accompanying Connect App.

RHA of Glasgow, UK, has introduced new true wireless earbuds to their lineup – the ergonomically designed TrueControl ANC.

The TrueControl ANC combines a quality Qualcomm AptX sound signature with advanced active and adjustable  noise cancellation, an ergonomic design, advanced connectivity, and a 20-hour battery life. In addition, users can use the new RHA Connect App to customise their listening experience.

RHA Truecontrol ANC IEMs


Whether it’s the traffic outside your home office, the keyboards of your colleagues, or the thrum of the airplane engine, RHA’s active noise cancellation turns the outside world off so you can concentrate on whatever you’re working on and whatever you’re listening to.

RHA Truecontrol ANC IEMs

The TrueControl uses a passive noise cancelling design and ANC technology to eliminate outside noise. External microphones record the world around you, then target these noises with anti-sound.

Immersive Music

RHA told us: “We designed the TrueControl to produce deep and detailed audio at any volume. Our EQ has been meticulously tuned so that – even with ANC on – your music sounds immersive and natural. And working with QualComm’s high-quality aptX codec – and AAC – means no compromise in the streaming quality of your sounds”.

RHA Truecontrol ANC IEMs with Connect app

You can use the RHA Connect app to adjust the EQ of the earbuds to suit your personal taste.

Adjustable Noise Cancelling

If you need to stay aware of notifications, noises and conversations around you, you can switch between ANC and Ambient modes at will. The level of ambient sound you let in is completely adjustable, so you can tailor your immersion to wherever you are.

RHA Truecontrol ANC IEMs charging

Hold the left earbud to activate Quick Aware: immediately pausing your audio and switching on full Ambient mode;simply release to return to ANC.

Natural Ear Shape

The natural contours of the TrueControl are designed to provide wearing comfort and passive noise cancellation by following the natural shape of your ear. Supplied with seven pairs of RHA silicone and three pairs of aerospace-grade Comply Foam ear tips for a perfect moulded fit.

RHA Truecontrol ANC IEMs ergonomic design

Connect App

The RHA Connect app allows you to personalise your earbuds even further: customise button controls, change EQ balance, switch languages, update firmware – even find your earbuds if they get lost. Access the full suite of your digital assistant’s feature with a single press on the right earbud.


With 5 hours per charge, including ANC, the TrueControl has another 15 hours in the protective charging case, with rapid charging. Refill the case via provided USB-C cable, or Qi wireless charging.

Global Marketing Manager, Colum Fraser, said: “The TrueControl is our most ambitious and advanced product to date; the result of several years of research, investment and development. We believe that it sets a new standard in design, ANC and sound quality in the ANC true wireless segment. The earbud was designed in close partnership with global technology leaders to create a listening experience that is at once immersive and detailed; while retaining a connection to the world and people around our users.”

RHA Truecontrol ANC IEMs construction

Price And Availability

Available to pre-order online and in selected stores from 19th November for £249.95 / $299.95 /€299.95, with full launch on December 4th UK and Europe, December 11th USA. Pre-order customers get 20% off in UK and US with code FIRSTINLINE – £199.96 / $239.96

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