Klaus Tennstedt/London Philharmonic

EMI Digital – CDC 7 49951 2:  1990

Author – Paul

Not a new recording, this 1990 release is still available new and is worth searching out.  Many will recognise the music from the film “2001 – A Space Odyssey” with the opening “sunrise” movement in C major.  The instantly recognisable climbing motif of C-G-C is the foundation for the piece as a whole.

This is a tone poem with no separate movements and the recording reviewed here has a superb dynamic range with notable sweeps from the quiet passages building up into the ear splitting crescendo’s that it’s noted for.

The opening is underpinned by a menacing and large scale organ note, with fabulous tympani interludes.  It has real scale and the arrangement and conducting are superb, fluid and engaging.

Well worth a listen.

Recording:  9
Musical interest:  7
Arrangement:  8
Overall:  8


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